Music PlayLists
      1. So Cold Album We Are Not Alone

      2. The Diary Of Jane Album Phobia

      3. Away Album We Are Not Alone

      4. Angels Falls Album Dark Before Dawn

      5. Failure Album Dark Before Dawn

      6. Dear Agony Album Dear Agony

      7. Unknown Soldier Album Phobia

      8. Sugarcoat Album Saturate

      9. Into The Nothing Album Dear Agony

      10. Evil Angel Album Phobia

      11. Topless Album Phobia

      12. Intro Album Phobia

      13. Hopeless Album Dear Agony

      14. Water Album Saturate

      15. Medicate Album Saturate

      16. Polyamorous Album Saturate

      17. Forget It Album We Are Not Alone

      18. Crawl Album Dear Agony

      19. Dance With The Devil Album Phobia

      20. Until The End Album Phobia

      21. Had Enough Album Phobia

      22. Believe Album We Are Not Alone

      23. Give Me A Sign Album Dear Agony

      24. Home Album Saturate

      25. You Album Phobia

      26. Firefly Album We Are Not Alone

      27. You Fight Me Album Phobia

      28. Fade Away Album Dear Agony

      29. Sooner Or Later Album We Are Not Alone

      30. Skin Album Saturate

      31. Shallow Bay Album Saturate

      32. Without You Album Dear Agony

      33. Breath Album Phobia

      34. Break My Fall Album We Are Not Alone

      35. Lights Out Album Dear Agony

      36. Rain Album We Are Not Alone

      37. No Games Album Saturate

      38. Next To Nothing Album Saturate

      39. I Will Not Bow Album Dear Agony

      40. Saturate Album Saturate

      41. Wish I May Album Saturate

      42. Natural Life Album Saturate

      43. Phase Album Saturate

      44. Follow Album We Are Not Alone

      45. Simple Design Album We Are Not Alone

      46. Outro Album Phobia

      47. What Lies Beneath Album Dear Agony

      48. Here We Are Album Phobia

      49. Breakdown Album We Are Not Alone

      50. Water - Self Titled Independent EP Album Shallow Bay II

      51. Medicate Album Breaking Benjamin EP

      52. Breath Album Shallow Bay I

      53. The Great Divide Album Dark Before Dawn

      54. Next To Nothing - Live Album Live EP

      55. Breaking The Silence Album Dark Before Dawn

      56. Hollow Album Dark Before Dawn

      57. Water - Live Album Live EP

      58. I Will Not Bow - Acoustic Strings Mix Album Shallow Bay II

      59. Lights Out Album Shallow Bay I

      60. Skin Album Shallow Bay I

      61. Bury Me Alive Album Dark Before Dawn

      62. Medicate - Live Album Live EP

      63. Polyamorous Album Breaking Benjamin EP

      64. Anthem Of The Angels Album Dear Agony

      65. Breath - Live Acoustic Album Shallow Bay II

      66. Ordinary Man -J apanese BSide Album Shallow Bay II

      67. Home Album Breaking Benjamin EP

      68. Polyamorous - Acoustic Previously Unreleased Album Shallow Bay II

      69. Until The End - Live Acoustic Album Shallow Bay II

      70. Defeated Album Dark Before Dawn



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