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      Street Life (Roxy Music Cover)

      Street Life (Roxy Music Cover)

      Def Leppard

      Album: Yeah!

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      Def Leppard - Street Life (Roxy Music Cover) Música y Letra

      Wish everybody would leave me alone -yeah
      They´re always calling on my telephone
      When I pick it up there´s no one there
      So I walk outside just to take the air
      Come on with me cruising down the street
      Who knows what you´ll see, who you might meet
      This brave new world´s not like yesterday -
      It can take you higher than the milky way
      Now i´m blinded I cant really see - yeah
      No more bright lights confusing me - no
      Don´t ask me why i´m feeling blue
      cause loving you is all I can do
      Hey good-looking boys - gather around
      The sidewalk papers gutter-press you down
      All those lies can be so unkind,
      They can make you feel like you´re losing your mind
      Street life
      Street life
      Street life
      What a life
      Back to nature boys - vasser girls too
      Watch what you say, or think, or do
      Continental-style strasse girls might
      But you know exactly if it´s wrong or right
      Education is an important key - yes
      But the good life´s never won by degrees - no
      Pointless passing through harvard or yale
      Only window shopping - its strictly no sale
      Week end starts friday soon after eight
      Your jet black magic helps you celebrate
      You may be stranded if you stick around
      - and that´s really something...

      Def Leppard - Street Life (Roxy Music Cover) Música y Letra





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