Music PlayLists
      1. Back Door Man Music by The Doors

      2. Light My Fire Music by The Doors

      3. Tears In Heaven Music by Eric Clapton

      4. Riders On The Storm Music by The Doors

      5. Cocaine Music by Eric Clapton

      6. Layla Music by Eric Clapton

      7. Gimme Shelter Music by The Rolling Stones

      8. Foxy Lady Music by Jimi Hendrix

      9. What Di Say Music by Ray Charles

      10. Unchain My Heart Music by Ray Charles

      11. The Crystal Ship Music by The Doors

      12. Road Block Music by Janis Joplin

      13. Wild Thing Music by Jimi Hendrix

      14. Purple Haze Music by Jimi Hendrix

      15. School Days Music by Chuck Berry

      16. Let It Rock Music by Chuck Berry

      17. Sunshine Of Your Love Music by Jimi Hendrix

      18. Hallelujah I Love Her So Music by Ray Charles

      19. My Ding-A-Ling Music by Chuck Berry

      20. Cold Irons Bound Music by Bob Dylan

      21. It's My Thing (You Can't Tell Me Who to Sock It To) [Live] Music by James Brown

      22. Try (A Just A Little Bit Harder) (1969) Music by Janis Joplin

      23. Mr Tambourine Man Music by Bob Dylan

      24. People Get Up and Drive Your F Music by James Brown

      25. I Had My Fun Music by Pink Anderson

      26. Automatic (Remix) Music by James Brown

      27. Little Drummer Boy Music by Bob Dylan

      28. Maybellene Music by Chuck Berry

      29. Medley (Live) Music by B.B. King

      30. Make You Feel My Love Music by Bob Dylan

      31. Work Me, Lord Music by Janis Joplin

      32. Summertime Music by Janis Joplin

      33. Angie Music by The Rolling Stones

      34. Every Day I Have The Blues (Live) Music by B.B. King

      35. Running On Faith (Unplugged) Music by Eric Clapton

      36. Georgia On My Mind Music by Ray Charles

      37. Mother Popcorn (Part 2) Music by James Brown

      38. He's in the Jailhouse Now Music by Pink Anderson

      39. The Other Night Blues Music by B.B. King

      40. Travelin' Man Music by Pink Anderson

      41. Ride On, Baby (Mono) Music by The Rolling Stones

      42. Blue And Lonesome Music by The Rolling Stones

      43. Why I Sing The Blues Music by B.B. King

      44. He's In The Jailhouse Now Music by Pink Anderson



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