Music PlayLists
      1. Sonne Music by Rammstein

      2. Du Hast Music by Rammstein

      3. Engel Music by Rammstein

      4. Smash it Up (the damned) Music by Die Toten Hosen

      5. Still Loving You Music by Scorpions

      6. Ich bin die Sehnsucht in Dir (live) Music by Die Toten Hosen

      7. Ich bin die Sehnsucht in dir Music by Die Toten Hosen

      8. Komm mit zu uns Music by Die Toten Hosen

      9. When Love Kills Love Music by Scorpions

      10. In Trance (live) Music by Scorpions

      11. Under The Same Sun Music by Scorpions

      12. Fassade - 2. Satz Music by Lacrimosa

      13. Vermächtnis der Sonne (live) Music by Lacrimosa

      14. Schakal (Live In Mexico City) Music by Lacrimosa

      15. Der Ketzer Music by Lacrimosa

      16. Love Who Loves You Back Music by Tokio Hotel

      17. Automatisch Music by Tokio Hotel

      18. Darkside Of The Sun Music by Tokio Hotel

      19. 1000 Meere Music by Tokio Hotel

      20. Ramm4 (Live) Music by Rammstein

      21. Blizzard On A Broken Mirror Music by Avantasia

      22. Forever Is A Long Time Music by Avantasia

      23. Lost In Space (Alive At Gatestudio) Music by Avantasia

      24. Dying For An Angel Music by Avantasia

      25. Kein frieden Music by Novalis

      26. Oft sag man mehr wenn man schweigt Music by Novalis

      27. Ob tier, ob mensch, ob baum Music by Novalis

      28. Du bist schon Music by Novalis

      29. Ausgebombt (Marooned Live) Music by Sodom

      30. Outbreak Of Evil (Recorded Live In Germany, Zeche Bochum, 1988) Music by Sodom

      31. My Atonement (Recorded Live at Scum, Holland, 1987) Music by Sodom

      32. That's What An Unknown Killer Diarized Music by Sodom

      33. Golden Dawn Music by Edguy

      34. Frozen candle Music by Edguy

      35. Painting On The Wall Music by Edguy

      36. Sands of time Music by Edguy

      37. Halloween (Bonus Track, Video Edit) Music by Helloween

      38. Still We Go Music by Helloween

      39. Number One Music by Helloween

      40. World Of Fantasy Music by Helloween

      41. And Wait Music by Beatsteaks

      42. Automatic Music by Beatsteaks

      43. Demons Galore (Live) Music by Beatsteaks

      44. Let Me In Music by Beatsteaks



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