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      Bad Religion

      Bad Religion is a punk rock band that formed in Los Angeles in 1979. The band makes extensive use of soaring 3-part vocal harmonies (which they refer to in their album liner notes as the "oozin' aahs"), guitar solos and intellectual lyrics that often contain political or religious commentary. Their lyrics often relate to matters of social responsibility.

      Bad Religion Discography

      1. Sorrow Album The Process Of Belief

      2. You Album No Control

      3. American Jesus Album Recipe For Hate

      4. Emancipation Of The Mind

      5. 21st Century (Digital Boy) Album Against The Grain

      6. Dearly Beloved Album New Maps Of Hell

      7. Along The Way Album Tested

      8. Portrait of Authority Album Recipe For Hate

      9. 1000 Memories Album The New America

      10. Fuck You Album True North

      11. Portrait Of Authority Album Tested

      12. My Poor Friend Me Album Recipe For Hate

      13. Atomic Garden Album Generator

      14. Against The Grain Album All Ages

      15. Victims Of Revolution Album No Substance

      16. Watch It Die Album Recipe For Hate

      17. Los Angeles is burning Album The Empire Strikes First

      18. Struck A Nerve Album Recipe For Hate

      19. The Voracious March Of Godliness Album No Substance

      20. Drastic Actions (first version) Album How Could Hell Be Any Worse?

      21. World War III Album How Could Hell Be Any Worse?

      22. Beyond electric dreams Album The Empire Strikes First

      23. God Song Album Against The Grain

      24. Yesterday Album How Could Hell Be Any Worse?

      25. We're Only Gonna Die From Our Own Arrogance Album How Could Hell Be Any Worse?

      26. Get Off Album Against The Grain

      27. Changing Tide Album True North

      28. Grains Of Wrath Album New Maps Of Hell

      29. Infected Album Stranger Than Fiction

      30. Anesthesia Album All Ages

      31. Cease Album The Gray Race

      32. The State Of The End Of The Millennium Adress Album No Substance

      33. Pity The Dead Album Tested

      34. Watch It Die (Live) Album Suffer And Die

      35. Recipe For Hate Album Tested

      36. In So Many Ways Album No Substance

      37. I Love My Computer Album The New America

      38. The Answer Album Generator

      39. Mediocre Minds Album No Substance

      40. Don't Sell Me Short Album The New America

      41. The Handshake (Live) Album Suffer And Die

      42. Chasing The Wild Goose Album Into The Unknown

      43. Fuck Armageddon... This Is Hell Album How Could Hell Be Any Worse?

      44. Sometimes I Feel Like Album No Control

      45. Unacceptable Album Against The Grain

      46. Change Of Ideas (Live) Album Suffer And Die

      47. New America Album The New America

      48. Henchman Album No Control

      49. American Jesus (Live) Album Suffer And Die

      50. Strange Denial Album No Substance

      51. Stranger Than Fiction Album Stranger Than Fiction

      52. Frogger Album How Could Hell Be Any Worse?

      53. The Handshake Album Stranger Than Fiction

      54. Shades Of Truth Album No Substance

      55. 21st Century (Digital Boy) Album Stranger Than Fiction

      56. Individual Album Stranger Than Fiction

      57. Prove It Album The Process Of Belief

      58. Whisper in Time Album The New America

      59. Come Join Us Album The Gray Race

      60. Bad Religion (third version) Album How Could Hell Be Any Worse?

      61. The Defense Album The Process Of Belief

      62. Against The Grain Album Against The Grain

      63. Sinister Rouge Album The Empire Strikes First

      64. Suffer Album Suffer

      65. Time And Disregard Album Into The Unknown

      66. Honest Goodbye Album New Maps Of Hell

      67. Drunk Sincerity Album Tested

      68. 21st Century (Digital Boy) Album All Ages

      69. Popular Consensus Album True North

      70. Tomorrow Album Generator



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