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      Penthouse Pauper

      Penthouse Pauper

      Creedence Clearwater Revival

      Album: Bayou Country

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      Creedence Clearwater Revival - Penthouse Pauper Música y Letra

      Now, if I was a bricklayer,
      I wouldn't build just anything;
      And if I was a ball player,
      I wouldn't play no second string.
      And if I were some jew'lry, baby;
      Lord, I'd have to be a diamond ring.
      If I were a secret, Lord, I never would be told.
      If I were a jug of wine, Lord, my flavor would be old.
      I could be most anything,
      But it got to be twenty-four karat solid gold, oh.
      If I were a gambler, You know I'd never lose,
      And if I were a guitar player,
      Lord, I'd have to play the blues.
      If I was a hacksaw, My blade would be razor sharp.
      If I were a politician, I could prove that monkeys talk.
      You can find the tallest building,
      Lord, I'd have me the house on top.
      Oh, let's go!
      All right, keep goin'!
      I'm the penthouse pauper;
      I got nothin' to my name.
      I'm the penthouse pauper; baby,
      I got nothing to my name.
      I can be most anything,
      'Cause when you got nothin' it's all the same.
      Oh, let's move to this song!
      Lord, look at my penthouse.

      Creedence Clearwater Revival - Penthouse Pauper Música y Letra





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