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      Shoulder Holster

      Shoulder Holster

      Elton John

      Album: Blue Moves

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      Elton John - Shoulder Holster Música y Letra

      Now it was just like Frankie and Johnny
      And it was just like Stagger Lee
      Dolly Summers was a simple girl 
      From a mid-west family
      With a stucco home and her own Mustang
      And a charge account at Sears
      She had everything that a girl could want
      To live happy for the rest of her years
      But the thing that she wanted most of all
      Was the thing that she had lost
      To the arms of a downtown black jack hustler
      By the name of Candyfloss
      They'd skipped town on a late night train
      Heading for the West
      Dolly slipped behind the wheel of her Mustang
      With a piece between her breast
      She put a pistol in her shoulder holster
      She took her car up from Santa Fe
      Yesterday morning she was washing dishes
      Now she's hunting down a runaway
      Don't judge a man by a misdemeanor
      You may be sorry when his light goes out
      Don't put that pistol in your shoulder holster
      You can never, never tell if the Law's about
      If it seemed just like a movie
      Or a night of bad TV
      They should have had a picture of Dolly's face
      As she drove across country
      With daggers drawn for her fallen man
      And venom in her heart
      It was nearly dawn when she caught them up
      Making out in a picnic park
      But the thing that shook her rigid
      As she fumbled for her gun
      Was the state of the man that she'd married once
      And thought of as the only one
      And as she looked back on the chances
      That she'd passed up at home
      Well she quietly dumped her pistol in a ditch
      And she headed home alone

      Elton John - Shoulder Holster Música y Letra





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