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      Journey From Mariabronn

      Journey From Mariabronn


      Album: kansas

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      Kansas - Journey From Mariabronn Música y Letra

      Two began together, lived as one
      Each one to the other had become
      More than a friend, living to meet a common end
      They were true, each one knew all is well
      Still the elder knew it could not last
      Hidden memories from the young one's past
      Drew them apart
      Both knew that deep within his heart they must part
      Each their own separate way
      It puzzles me how we can be so close and yet worlds apart
      Can it be, my memory has torn my life in two
      From the very start
      I screamed for the devil to let me be
      I called to the heavens to set me free
      Today I prayed for the answer and not one
      Of the gods in the sky would rescue me
      Dreams of fortune fill the young one's mind
      Learn the worldly ways of hope to find
      Love on the way, searching to find the light of day
      In his soul he had found his own way
      But to each other they soon will return
      Destiny fulfilled, their words will burn an eternal flame

      Kansas - Journey From Mariabronn Música y Letra





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