Music PlayLists
      1. Came Back Haunted Album Hesitation Marks

      2. March Of The Pigs Album The Downward Spiral

      3. The Hand That Feeds Album With Teeth

      4. Copy of A Album Hesitation Marks

      5. Hurt Album The Downward Spiral

      6. Closer Album The Downward Spiral

      7. Even Deeper Album The Fragile

      8. I Would for You Album Hesitation Marks

      9. Right Where It Belongs V2 Album With Teeth

      10. Only Album With Teeth

      11. Meet Your Master Album Year Zero

      12. Into the Void Album The Fragile

      13. Find My Way (Oneohtrix Point Never Remix) Album Hesitation Marks

      14. While I'm Still Here (Breyer P-Orridge 'Howler' Remix) Album Hesitation Marks

      15. All Time Low (Todd Rundgren Remix) Album Hesitation Marks

      16. Ripe (With Decay) Album The Fragile

      17. The Line Begins to Blur Album With Teeth

      18. Getting Smaller Album With Teeth

      19. While I’m Still Here Album Hesitation Marks

      20. Right Where It Belongs Album With Teeth

      21. Capital G Album Year Zero

      22. Hyperpower! Album Year Zero

      23. Just Like You Imagined Album The Fragile

      24. Ruiner Album The Downward Spiral

      25. Physical (You're So) Album Broken

      26. Find My Way Album Hesitation Marks

      27. Head Down Album The Slip

      28. The Only Time Album Pretty Hate Machine

      29. The Becoming Album The Downward Spiral

      30. I Do Not Want This Album The Downward Spiral

      31. Suck Album Broken

      32. All the Love in the World Album With Teeth

      33. Sunspots Album With Teeth

      34. In Two Album Hesitation Marks

      35. You Know What You Are Album With Teeth

      36. Last Album Broken

      37. Head Like a Hole Album Pretty Hate Machine

      38. Vessel Album Year Zero

      39. The Collector Album With Teeth

      40. That's What I Get Album Pretty Hate Machine

      41. The Way Out Is Through Album The Fragile

      42. Satellite Album Hesitation Marks

      43. Another Version of the Truth Album Year Zero

      44. In This Twilight Album Year Zero

      45. Somewhat Damaged Album The Fragile

      46. Beside You in Time Album With Teeth

      47. The Downward Spiral Album The Downward Spiral

      48. The Fragile Album The Fragile

      49. Lights in the Sky Album The Slip

      50. Down in It Album Pretty Hate Machine

      51. Every Day Is Exactly the Same Album With Teeth

      52. Heresy Album The Downward Spiral

      53. The Greater Good Album Year Zero

      54. No, You Don't Album The Fragile

      55. Wish Album Broken

      56. The Mark Has Been Made Album The Fragile

      57. Survivalism Album Year Zero

      58. Disappointed Album Hesitation Marks

      59. We're in This Together Album The Fragile

      60. The Day the World Went Away Album The Fragile

      61. Corona Radiata Album The Slip

      62. Running Album Hesitation Marks

      63. God Given Album Year Zero

      64. Home Album With Teeth

      65. Echoplex Album The Slip

      66. Please Album The Fragile

      67. The Wretched Album The Fragile

      68. Demon Seed Album The Slip

      69. Discipline Album The Slip

      70. Pinion Album Broken



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