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      Xmas Has Been X'ed

      Xmas Has Been X'ed


      Album: Self Entitled

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      NOFX - Xmas Has Been X'ed Música y Letra

      It's funny how some fables became historic
      When the authors clearly wrote them to be metaphoric
      But people will believe anything if it's written
      Especially in stone or ancient scroll
      December 25th has been blacklisted
      Since Dawkins found the proof Jesus never existed
      It was the last thing anyone ever expected
      Xmas has been X'd
      No colored lights, no shopping sprees
      No more presents under dead trees
      St. Nick is dead but we don't grieve
      We celebrate the last Christmas Eve
      Jesuits are slowly turning Dianetic
      Protestants increasingly become agnostic
      Pentecostal churches are hanging pentagrams
      Priests and Nuns are molesting each other
      Methodists and Baptists are claiming Buddhist
      Evangelicals surprisingly are Nudist
      But mostly everyone is trying to become Jew
      Cuz Easter's canceled too
      No more egg hunts, no Sunday mass
      Fridays are fair, Wednesdays don't ash
      They canceled lent and slowed down fast
      Enjoy Christmas cuz it's your last
      No shopping sprees (don't worry son)
      No more presents (We don't need christ) under dead trees (We got eight nights)
      St. Nick is dead (we got mitzvah) but we don't grieve (The're all canceled)
      We celebrate (our hanukah) the last Christmas eve

      NOFX - Xmas Has Been X'ed Música y Letra





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