Music PlayLists
      1. Decode Album Brand New Eyes

      2. Still Into You Album Paramore

      3. The Only Exception Album Brand New Eyes

      4. Misery Business (Live) Album Unplugged

      5. Now Album Paramore

      6. Told You So

      7. Be Alone Album Paramore

      8. Born For This Album Riot!

      9. Brighter Album All We Know Is Falling

      10. I'm The Fool (B-Side) Album Summer Tour (EP)

      11. Fast In My Car Album Paramore

      12. Ain't It Fun Album Paramore

      13. Decode Album Twilight

      14. We Are Broken Album Riot!

      15. Bella's Lullaby Album Twilight

      16. Part II Album Paramore

      17. Hate To See Your Heart Break Album Paramore

      18. For A Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic Album Riot!

      19. CrushCrushCrush Album Riot!

      20. Sheets (B-Side) Album Summer Tour (EP)

      21. Anklebiters Album Paramore

      22. Back In Your Head (Live Acoustic in Australia) Album Summer Tour (EP)

      23. Whoa Album All We Know Is Falling

      24. That's What You Get Album Riot!

      25. Proof Album Paramore

      26. Hallelujah (Live) Album The Final Riot!

      27. Last Hope Album Paramore

      28. Brick By Boring Brick Album Brand New Eyes

      29. Future Album Paramore

      30. Supermassive Black Hole Album Twilight

      31. Let The Flames Begin Album Riot!

      32. Grow Up Album Paramore

      33. Born For This (Live) Album Live In The UK

      34. Let The Flames Begin (Live) Album The Final Riot!

      35. Interlude: Moving On Album Paramore

      36. Monster Album Singles

      37. Franklin Album All We Know Is Falling

      38. The Only Exception (Acoustic Version) Album The Only Exception (EP)

      39. Full Moon Album Twilight

      40. Ignorance Album Brand New Eyes

      41. Escape Route Album Paramore

      42. Interlude: I'm Not Angry Anymore Album Paramore

      43. Emergency (Live) Album The Final Riot!

      44. All We Know Album All We Know Is Falling

      45. Conspiracy Album All We Know Is Falling

      46. Leave Out All the Rest Album Twilight

      47. Misery Business Album Riot!

      48. Here We Go Again - That's What You Get (Live) Album Live In The UK

      49. Fences (Live) Album The Final Riot!

      50. Decoy (Live) Album The Final Riot!

      51. Here We Go Again (Live) Album The Final Riot!

      52. Pressure Album All We Know Is Falling

      53. Looking Up Album Brand New Eyes

      54. Feeling Sorry Album Brand New Eyes

      55. Native Tongue Album Paramore

      56. Never Let This Go (Live) Album Live In The UK

      57. Misery Business (Acústica, En Vivo Desde Q101 Chicago) Album Riot!

      58. Tremble for my Beloved Album Twilight

      59. Never Think Album Twilight

      60. Hallelujah Album Riot!

      61. Daydreaming Album Paramore

      62. Flightless Bird, American Mouth Album Twilight

      63. Stuck On you Album The Summer Tic (EP)

      64. Misery Business (Live) Album Live In The UK

      65. Careful Album Brand New Eyes

      66. Where The Lines Overlap Album Brand New Eyes

      67. Oh Star Album The Summer Tic (EP)

      68. My Heart (Live) Album The Final Riot!

      69. Misery Business (Live) Album The Final Riot!

      70. Pressure (Live) Album The Final Riot!



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