Music PlayLists
      1. Atlas Falls


      3. Devil Album ATTENTION ATTENTION

      4. Second Chance Album Sound Of Madness

      5. I Dare You Album Us and Them

      6. Shed Some Light Album Us and Them

      7. The Crow & the Butterfly Album Sound Of Madness

      8. I Own You Album Sound Of Madness

      9. Cry for Help Album Sound Of Madness

      10. Son of Sam Album Sound Of Madness

      11. Beyond the Sun Album Us and Them

      12. Sound of Madness Album Sound Of Madness

      13. Sin with a Grin Album Sound Of Madness

      14. Breaking Inside Album Sound Of Madness

      15. Cyanide Sweet Tooth Suicide Album Sound Of Madness

      16. Call Me Album Sound Of Madness

      17. All I Ever Wanted Album Leave A Whisper

      18. Save Me Album Us and Them

      19. 45 [Acoustic] Album Leave A Whisper

      20. In Memory Album Leave A Whisper

      21. What a Shame Album Sound Of Madness

      22. Devour Album Sound Of Madness

      23. Heroes Album Us and Them

      24. Energy Album Sound Of Madness

      25. Begin Again Album Us and Them

      26. Burning Bright Album Leave A Whisper

      27. No More Love Album Leave A Whisper

      28. Trade Yourself In Album Us and Them

      29. If You Only Knew Album Sound Of Madness

      30. Some Day Album Us and Them

      31. Fake Album Us and Them

      32. Lacerated Album Leave A Whisper

      33. The Dream Album Us and Them

      34. 45 Album Leave A Whisper

      35. Stranger Inside Album Leave A Whisper

      36. Better Version Album Leave A Whisper

      37. Atmosphere Album Us and Them

      38. Lost in the Crowd Album Leave A Whisper

      39. Burning Bright (Sanford Mix) Album Leave A Whisper

      40. Fly from the Inside Album Leave A Whisper

      41. Lady So Divine Album Us and Them

      42. Left Out Album Leave A Whisper

      43. Crying Out Album Leave A Whisper

      44. Kill Your Conscience Album ATTENTION ATTENTION

      45. I'll Follow You Album Amaryllis

      46. The Entrance Album ATTENTION ATTENTION

      47. Attention Attention Album ATTENTION ATTENTION

      48. Dangerous Album Threat To Survival

      49. Oblivion Album Threat To Survival

      50. Through The Ghost Album Amaryllis

      51. Nowhere Kids Album Amaryllis

      52. Special Album ATTENTION ATTENTION

      53. Black Cadillac Album Threat To Survival

      54. For My Sake Album Amaryllis

      55. Bully Album Amaryllis

      56. Thick As Thieves Album Threat To Survival

      57. Inity Album Amaryllis

      58. Evolve Album ATTENTION ATTENTION

      59. Misfits Album Threat To Survival

      60. The Human Radio Album ATTENTION ATTENTION

      61. Creatures Album ATTENTION ATTENTION

      62. Adrenaline Album Amaryllis

      63. How Did You Love Album Threat To Survival

      64. Cut The Cord Album Threat To Survival

      65. My Name Album Amaryllis

      66. Monsters Album ATTENTION ATTENTION

      67. Brilliant Album ATTENTION ATTENTION

      68. Darkside Album ATTENTION ATTENTION

      69. I'm Not Alright Album Amaryllis

      70. Black Soul Album ATTENTION ATTENTION



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