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      Christ Passion (Live)

      Christ Passion (Live)


      Album: Mortal Way of Live

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      Sodom - Christ Passion (Live) Música y Letra

      We praise the saviour 
      Observe the ten commandments 
      Confess our sins 
      For time immorial 
      Man's mind gets inspired 
      By gift and faculty divine 
      Blind superstition 
      Religious liberty 
      Mitigate our sorrows 
      Living in a world of dreams 
      Don't fear the true 
      Image of a God 
      Infant Jesus was crucified 
      A memorial for our future 
      Our atrocity is now forgiven 
      Because he has done his penance 
      Hear me people of sighing 
      Sorrow of pain and regret 
      Left to the dead and dying 
      You, that not know me as yet 
      Christ passion 
      Mediaeval extravagance of Christianity 
      Foundation in all cultmysteries 
      Holy customs and wholesale hysteria 
      Creeds to transcendental 
      Defecation of human nature 
      Devour them up with blindness 
      They are fool adore in all clergy 
      And mindful in the grace of god 
      Christ passion 
      Mortal way of life 
      Rapture of the earth 
      Lift up your heads 
      In the day of his wrath 
      In the worst hour of life 
      Looking into the eyes of death 
      Extreme unction nears 
      Intensive incense is befooled 
      He gives you unimaginable joy 
      Certainty and faith 
      To find unutterable peace 
      Demand no sacrifice 
      Christ passion 
      Expect no wonders celestial child 
      He will behold your repentance 
      His prophet revealed to the wise 
      The great mystery of god 
      Persecution of Christians in blasphemy 
      Born by the scum of evil 
      Almighty father knows no thirst for revenge 
      Praise the saviour on all saints' day.

      Sodom - Christ Passion (Live) Música y Letra






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