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      Your walls too high

      Your walls too high


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      Steppenwolf - Your walls too high Música y Letra

      Words and music by John Kay
       Your wall's too high, I can't see
       Can't seem to reach you, can't set you free
       If you can hear me, follow the sound
       And help me tear your wall down to the ground
       Everyone gets hurt sometimes
       Everybody plays the game
       If you don't win the first time
       Come back and try again
       Rocks and bricks can't help you
       You can't hide behind your wall
       Why don't you try to jump it little girl
       I'll catch you if you fall
       Ah, sometimes early in the mornin'
       Without warnin' you'll realize
       That you ain't too wise
       With your head bowed down you go downtown
       Watch an old lady hit the ground
       Lots of people standin' round
       But nobody seems to know her
       You're an hour late when you reach your floor
       Ah, and everybody tells you 
       That your boss is sore
       Watch the clock for seven more
       Then go flyin' through the door
       Back home again the day is gone
       You're safe and sound but still alone
       And when the night falls around your walls
       Ah, tell me don't you ever wish to go outside
       Follow the lights and go outside
       You'll be alright, just go outside
       © MCA Music (BMI)

      Steppenwolf - Your walls too high Música y Letra





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