Music PlayLists
      1. Human Album Day & Age

      2. Mr. Brightside Album Hot Fuss

      3. Spaceman Album Day & Age

      4. Somebody Told Me Album Hot Fuss

      5. Goodnight, Travel Well Album Day & Age

      6. Smile Like You Mean It Album Hot Fuss

      7. All These Things That I've Done Album Hot Fuss

      8. The World We Live In Album Day & Age

      9. When You Were Young Album Direct Hits

      10. Don't Shoot Me Santa

      11. Caution Album Imploding The Mirage

      12. Quiet Town Album Pressure Machine

      13. Dustland

      14. In Another Life Album Pressure Machine

      15. The Man

      16. Just Another Girl Album Direct Hits

      17. Miss Atomic Bomb Album Battle Born

      18. Read My Mind Album Sam's Town

      19. Mr. Brightside Album Direct Hits

      20. Under The Gun Album Hot Fuss

      21. A White Demon Love Song

      22. When You Were Young (Calvin Harris Remix) Album Direct Hits

      23. Battle Born Album Battle Born

      24. Spaceman Album Direct Hits

      25. Neon Tiger Album Day & Age

      26. Midnight Show Album Hot Fuss

      27. Carry Me Home Album Battle Born

      28. Heart Of A Girl Album Battle Born

      29. Exitlude Album Sam's Town

      30. Believe Me Natalie Album Hot Fuss

      31. I Feel It In My Bones ft. Ryan Pardey

      32. When You Were Young Album Sam's Town

      33. Deadlines And Commitments Album Battle Born

      34. I Can't Stay Album Day & Age

      35. Andy, You're a Star Album Hot Fuss

      36. Runaways Album Direct Hits

      37. The Ballad Of Michael Valentine Album Hot Fuss

      38. All The Pretty Faces Album Sam's Town

      39. Forget About What I Said Album Day & Age

      40. Daddy's Eyes Album Sam's Town

      41. Change Your Mind Album Hot Fuss

      42. Enterlude Album Sam's Town

      43. Here With Me Album Battle Born

      44. Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll Album Hot Fuss

      45. Bling (Confession Of A King) Album Sam's Town

      46. Everything Will Be Alright Album Hot Fuss

      47. Miss Atomic Bomb Album Direct Hits

      48. Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine Album Hot Fuss

      49. Why Do I Keep Counting Album Sam's Town

      50. Bones Album Sam's Town

      51. Somebody Told Me Album Direct Hits

      52. The Way It Was Album Battle Born

      53. Uncle Jonny Album Sam's Town

      54. Mr. Brightside (Demo) Album Direct Hits

      55. Be Still Album Battle Born

      56. Read My Mind Album Direct Hits

      57. This River Is Wild Album Sam's Town

      58. The Rising Tide Album Battle Born

      59. Where The White Boys Dance Album Sam's Town

      60. Joyride Album Day & Age

      61. Flesh And Bone Album Battle Born

      62. From Here On Out Album Battle Born

      63. A Matter Of Time Album Battle Born

      64. All These Things That I've Done Album Direct Hits

      65. A Dustland Fairytale Album Direct Hits

      66. Flesh And Bone (Jacques Lu Cont Remix) Album Battle Born

      67. A Crippling Blow Album Day & Age

      68. Runaways Album Battle Born

      69. Smile Like You Mean It Album Direct Hits

      70. Shot At The Night Album Direct Hits



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