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      The Rolling Stones

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      The Rolling Stones

      The Rolling Stones are an English rock band formed in London in 1962. They were considered to be symbols of rebellious youth in their mid-1960s heyday, and were portrayed as the "Anti-Beatles". During this time they scored a string of hit singles, many reaching the top of the international charts, particularly in the UK and US.

      The Rolling Stones Discography

      1. Gimme Shelter Album Let it Bleed

      2. Back Of My Hand Album A Bigger Band

      3. Angie Album Goats Head Soup

      4. Living In The Heart Of Love

      5. Troubles A’ Comin

      6. All The Rage

      7. Scarlet (Ft Jimmy Page)

      8. (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66 (Live) Album Singles 1963-1965 (International Version)

      9. Commit A Crime Album Blue & Lonesome

      10. Blue And Lonesome Album Blue & Lonesome

      11. Ride On, Baby (Mono) Album The Rolling Stones In Mono, CD11

      12. Start Me Up Album Tattoo You

      13. Sympathy For The Devil Album Between the Buttons

      14. Before They Make Me Run Album Some Girls

      15. Ain't Too Proud To Beg Album It's Only Rock 'N' Roll

      16. Paint It Black Album Aftermath (Second Version)

      17. Miss You Album Some Girls

      18. Ruby Tuesday Album Flowers

      19. It's Only Rock 'N' Roll (But I Like It) Album It's Only Rock 'N' Roll

      20. Whole Lotta Yoko Album Rock 'N' Roll Circus

      21. Over The Waves Album Rock 'N' Roll Circus

      22. Like A Rolling Stone Album Stripped

      23. Look What The Cat Dragged In Album A Bigger Band

      24. On With The Show Album Their Satanic Majesties Request

      25. Midnight Rambler Album Let it Bleed

      26. Sympathy For The Devil Album Beggars Banquet

      27. When The Whip Comes Down Album Some Girls

      28. Sister Morphine Album Sticky Fingers

      29. Waiting On A Friend Album Tattoo You

      30. In Another Land Album Their Satanic Majesties Request

      31. Susie Q

      32. Angie (Live) Album Stripped

      33. Infamy Album A Bigger Band

      34. Going Home Album Aftermath London

      35. Not Fade Away Album England's Newest Hitmakers

      36. All About You Album Emotional Rescue

      37. Moon Is Up Album Voodoo Lounge

      38. Wild Horses Album Sticky Fingers

      39. Streets Of Love Album A Bigger Band

      40. The Worst Album Voodoo Lounge

      41. Song for Jeffrey Album Rock 'N' Roll Circus

      42. Down The Road Apiece Album The Rolling Stones, Now!

      43. You Can't Catch Me Album The Rolling Stones, Now!

      44. Emotional Rescue Album Emotional Rescue

      45. Beast Of Burden Album Some Girls

      46. Brown Sugar Album Sticky Fingers

      47. Let it Bleed Album Let it Bleed

      48. Yesterday's Papers Album Between the Buttons

      49. Stupid Girl Album Aftermath London

      50. Route 66 Album England's Newest Hitmakers

      51. Always Suffering Album Bridges to Babylon

      52. Shine A Light Album Stripped

      53. Talkin' About You Album December's Children (And Everybody's)

      54. It's Not Easy Album Aftermath London

      55. Can I Get A Witness Album England's Newest Hitmakers

      56. Out Of Tears Album Voodoo Lounge

      57. Backstreet Girl Album Flowers

      58. Live With Me Album Let it Bleed

      59. Prodigal Album Between the Buttons

      60. A Little Baby Album Stripped

      61. Miss Amanda Jones Album Between the Buttons

      62. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love Album The Rolling Stones, Now!

      63. Oh No, Not You Again Album A Bigger Band

      64. Rain Fall Down Album A Bigger Band

      65. Terrifying Album Steel Wheels

      66. Send It To Me Album Emotional Rescue

      67. Where The Boys Go Album Emotional Rescue

      68. I Got The Blues Album Sticky Fingers

      69. John's Introduction of the Rolling Stones Album Rock 'N' Roll Circus

      70. Out Of Time Album Aftermath London



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