Music PlayLists
      1. Hold The Line Album Toto

      2. Africa Album Toto IV

      3. Home Of The Brave Album The Seventh One

      4. You Are The Flower Album Toto

      5. Melanie Album Mindfields

      6. Georgy Porgy Album Toto

      7. Time Is The Enemy Album Tambu

      8. We Can Make It Tonight Album Fahrenheit

      9. Rosanna Album Toto IV

      10. Only You Album Kingdom of Desire

      11. Stranger In Town Album Isolation

      12. Jake To The Bone Album Kingdom of Desire

      13. Manuela Run Album Toto

      14. 2 Hearts Album Kingdom of Desire

      15. I'll Supply The Love Album Toto

      16. Change Of Heart Album Isolation

      17. Rockmaker Album Toto

      18. The Reeferman Album Falling In Between

      19. Kick Down The Walls Album Kingdom of Desire

      20. Afraid Of Love Album Toto IV

      21. Without Your Love Album Fahrenheit

      22. Can't Stand It Any Longer Album Fahrenheit

      23. How Does It Feel Album Isolation

      24. Taint Your World Album Falling In Between

      25. King Of The World Album Falling In Between

      26. All Us Boys Album Hydra

      27. One Road Album Mindfields

      28. I'll Be Over You Album Fahrenheit

      29. Thousand Years Album The Seventh One

      30. Lorraine Album Hydra

      31. Holyanna Album Isolation

      32. Wings Of Time Album Kingdom of Desire

      33. Angela Album Toto

      34. Live For Today Album Turn Back

      35. After You've Gone Album Mindfields

      36. Mysterious Ways Album Mindfields

      37. I Think I Could Stand You Forever Album Turn Back

      38. Dave's Gone Skiing Album Tambu

      39. Drag Him To The Roof Album Tambu

      40. Mr. Friendly Album Isolation

      41. Angel Don't Cry Album Isolation

      42. Girl Goodbye Album Toto

      43. Hydra Album Hydra

      44. Pamela Album The Seventh One

      45. Baby He's Your Man Album Tambu

      46. Good For You Album Toto IV

      47. A Secret Love Album Hydra

      48. Blackeye Album Tambu

      49. These Chains Album The Seventh One

      50. Falling In Between Album Falling In Between

      51. Lea Album Fahrenheit

      52. How Many Times Album Kingdom of Desire

      53. Stay Away Album The Seventh One

      54. Isolation Album Isolation

      55. Mushanga Album The Seventh One

      56. We Made It Album Toto IV

      57. Slipped Away Album Tambu

      58. Carmen Album Isolation

      59. Last Love Album Mindfields

      60. English Eyes Album Turn Back

      61. If It's The Last Night Album Turn Back

      62. Goodbye Elenore Album Turn Back

      63. Mindfields Album Mindfields

      64. I Won't Hold You Back Album Toto IV

      65. Mama Album Hydra

      66. Could This Be Love Album Fahrenheit

      67. St. George And The Dragon Album Hydra

      68. White Sister Album Hydra

      69. Child's Anthem Album Toto

      70. Gift With A Golden Gun Album Turn Back



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